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Alto Saxophone Features & Specifications

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Alto Saxophone Features

alto saxophone features.
Underslung CrookOctave Key on Lower Aspect of Crook
Octave Key Hole on Upper Side
High F#High F# Key
Range - Low Bb to High F#
Lyre BoxLyre Box As Standard
Thumbrest/Octave MechanismSmooth Brass Thumb Rest
Ergonomic Octave Mechanism
Adjustment ScrewsFine Adjustment Screws
Upper & Lower Stack
RibsRibbed Construction to Strengthen Body
Stabilise Keywork
Thumb HookErgonomic, Adjustable Thumb Hook
Comfortable Playing Positions
Double Key ArmsOn C# and B Keys
Additional Stability
BellHand Hammered
Detachable Bell

Bauhaus-WALSTEIN Alto Specifications

Tenor saxophone specifications
Instrument Weight2.55kg (5.6lb)
Excluding Mouthpiece and Case
Case2.85kg (6.2lb)
Black Canvas/Wood Frame - Fitted Interior
"Zip-Away" Integral Rucksack Straps
KeyworkErgonomic, Strength Tested - 4.9mm Diameter
Yellow (American) Brass
33-35% Zinc/65-67%Copper
Needle SpringsBlue Steel Needle Springs
High Tensile Strength
Consistent Key Action
PadsItalian Leather Fine Grain Pads
Positive Action and Longevity
BellHand Hammered Bronze Bell 119mm Diameter
93% Copper/5% Zinc/2% Tin

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