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Tenor Saxophone Features & Specifications

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Tenor Saxophone Features

tenor saxophone features.
Overslung Crook
Octave Key on Upper Aspect of Crook
Octave Key Hole on Upper Side
High F#
High F# Key
Range - Low Bb to High F#
Lyre Box
Lyre Box As Standard
Thumbrest/Octave Mechanism
Smooth Brass Thumb Rest
Ergonomic Octave Mechanism
Adjustment Screws
Fine Adjustment Screws
On Lower Stack
Ribbed Construction to Strengthen Body
Stabilise Keywork
Thumb Hook
Ergonomic, Adjustable Thumb Hook
Comfortable Playing Positions
Double Key Arms
On C# and B Keys
Additional Stability
Hand Hammered
Detachable Bell
Tenor Specifications

Tenor saxophone specifications
Instrument Weight3.65kg (8lb)
Excluding Mouthpiece and Case
Case3kg (6.6lb)
Black Canvas/Wood Frame - Fitted Interior
"Zip-Away" Integral Rucksack Straps
KeyworkErgonomic, Strength Tested - 4.9mm Diameter
Yellow (American) Brass
33-35% Zinc/65-67%Copper
Needle SpringsBlue Steel Needle Springs
High Tensile Strength
Consistent Key Action
PadsItalian Leather Fine Grain Pads
Positive Action and Longevity
BellHand Hammered Bronze Bell 152mm (6") Diameter
93% Copper/5% Zinc/2% Tin

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